Here Is How To Use Social Media Coupons to Drive Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is a fierce battle for online retailers. Unlike the Black Friday where shoppers walk into stores and buy the desired items, online retailers have to struggle to get more traffics and conversations to make a wooing profit. No matter the size of your physical store, when it comes to online shopping, all stores get equal chances. The ability to convince your site visitors is the key to selling more.

Now, the Cyber Monday deals prime day is far around the corner. How prepared are you? Use of coupons is an idea that online retailers apply to drive traffics in their stores. But did you know social media coupons can be the fireball you need to earn a competitive edge during the Cyber Monday deals? Here is how you can use social media coupons to drive your Cyber Monday sales:


a)   Offer exclusive discount to your Facebook fans

Do you have a business Facebook page? In this era, Facebook is one of the largest online markets. Hence, you need to maximize the chance to drive sales on Cyber Monday. One way you can do this is to offer exclusive discounts coupons to your Facebook Fans.

Remember the reason these fans are following your page is that they trust on what you offer to them. Hence, you need to appreciate them through discounted coupons that they cannot get from another retailer.

Also, you can request them to refer their peers so that they can enjoy the same offers too. This way, you will boost your sales as more traffic will come from your Facebook page. Substantially, the traffic from these fans will enhance your chance of being found on the search engine easily by visitors seeking the products you are offering.

b)   Offer flash sales

Another way to enhance your Cyber Monday sales through social media coupons are through flash sales. Here you need to design coupons that will enable your social media followers to enjoy an exclusive discount. Then, you proceed to share the coupon link across the social sites to inform them about the upcoming offer.

However, to ensure that the followers keep a close eye on your site, do not mention the time the flash sale will take place. This way, you will boost your traffic and also make additional purchases. As customers wait for the flash sales, they will be browsing through your online shelves, and the chances are that they will find other products that will complement with the ones you will be offering on your flash sales.  



c) Offer redeemable coupons

Inability to get goods at their doorstep is the main fear holding back most shoppers from online shopping. Even though your cyber Monday offers are killing, if the shoppers cannot afford to pay the shipping fee, making sales will join the list of unmet desires. To save your social followers from such mayhems, you can come up with redeemable coupons.

For instance, you can have coupons that will help the followers to enjoy extra discounts and can redeem them for free shipping. As a result, the cases of cart abandonment will reduce which will be an upper hand in winning offer competitors.

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d) Create and develop links to a page with exclusive offers for your social followers

To enhance the conversation rates from your social followers during Cyber Monday sales, you need to add unique social fans deals page. Then you hide the page from accessibility from another way than through the social media.

This trick will increase conversions from your social pages as well as earn you referrals since they will invite their friends to like your page to receive the discounts. In the end, you will increase your social following while boosting your Cyber Monday sales.

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